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  Who Want to Have WILDLY HEALTHY & FUN Relationships Should Join the…


Discover Ways to Significantly Enhance Your Existing or Future Relationship(s) During This Exclusive 5-Day Bootcamp

Regardless of How Your Relationship is Currently Performing!

*Includes Instant Access Into The Exclusive “Better Black Love” Community*

The Next Bootcamp Starts on March 7th!

  • Want to bring more spice and fun into your relationship? (From the comfort of your own home…)

  • Wonder why some singles & couples are thriving in the Quarantine? (and secretly wish you could say the same…)

  • Feeling like the craziness of the Pandemic put a strain on your communication and connection? (but want to get it back poppin!)

  • Need guidance on making sure you’re financially aligned as a couple? (but don’t know where the heck to start…)

  • Want a proven Step-By-Step System for obtaining and maintaining healthy and fun intimate partnership? (that comes from EXPERTS)

Hey, we’re Eric & Lakila Bowden, Relationship and Personal Development Experts and we’re Married & Dope AF!


Together, we’re the founders of Dope People Who, the relationship coaching firm that helps Black singles and couples experience wildly healthy and fun relationships!


And we are incredibly geeked to invite you to join our five day Better Black Love Bootcamp!


Eric & Lakila


Where participants will discover all the secret sauce to enhance their existing or future relationship(s) in just five days! (1-hour session each day)


Regardless of if your relationship is already great, or it could use some TLC, these skills will supercharge your experience!

We believe that relationships don't HAVE to be HARD!

The people who have joined our coaching programs have used their time with us to:

Go from feeling "stuck" to moving progressively through life!

"Before taking the program, I felt like I was stuck, stagnant and getting in my own way of moving forward in life.  Lakila & Eric's coaching and exercises forced me to make some necessary changes. 


I would recommend Eric & Lakila to anyone who needs coaching towards making some changes in self care and overall relationship wellness."

Vivia R. - Married & Dope AF

From feeling like the relationship journey was a “long, hard path” to operating in authenticity!

"Uncovering your dopeness can be a rough path when you lack guidance.  Eric & Lakila's coaching forced me to dedicate time and energy specially for me. 


As a working mother, I often found it easy to pour into everyone except for myself.  Their program made me focus on my needs and taught me how to operate in my authenticity, which naturally attracted my new fiance'!"

Monica B. - Newly Engaged & Dope AF

Feeling totally empowered and driven…with the tools to be successful!

"I would highly recommend Eric & Lakila because they were so inspiring! 


They showed me how to go and be the dope person that I am, while also giving me the tools to become a better version of myself.  I feel totally empowered!"

Jocelyn W. - Married & Dope AF

So if you want to take your happiness and fulfillment to the next level...

Black Love Bootcamp

If you feel or have ever felt like your relationship needs some TLC and that it’s time to start investing attention in making your relationship flourish but you want to have FUN doing it…


Then what we want you to do is click the button below now to join us. And you’ll get the chance to jour our next 5 Day Better Black Love Bootcamp.


Where you’ll discover the exact strategies we’ve used and teach our clients to experience wildly healthy and fun AF relationships!


And once you’ve done that…


Imagine being in a committed relationship and you and your partner are on one accord in every meaningful area of life!

Picture it…


Just a couple of weeks from today, you wake up with your bf/gf, husband, wife, or Boo Thang and y’all are the most excited to see each other than you’ve ever been…AND, you KEEP waking up like that!


It’s hard to hold back a smile thinking about all the opportunities you can take advantage of as a more unified team!


Your family, kids, and friends are all noticing the difference…


Because now y’all seem lighter, more carefree, and you’re now moving with a newfound confidence because “Y’all GOT THIS!”


Most people and couples plateau in their connection shortly after the "honeymoon" phase because they stop investing in their growth or don’t take advantage of expert guidance!

Our Tribe knows that Eric & Lakila got coaching, guidance and Black Love on lock!




Knowing the skills to make LIT LOVE sustainable can create a massive shift in your relationship that can only come from getting intentional about learning from those who’ve done it and are DOING IT!


Because in this day and age of Black Love being under attack…


It’s imperative to equip yourself with the coaching and guidance that ensures…


Lasting love and an incredibly dope journey along the way!


Coaching and guidance are the ultimate “leg up” on being blissfully in tune with each other!


It’s going to be a GREAT day when you’re the one breaking Generational Curses of failed or hard marriages for your family!


Yes, it comes with a little vulnerability as people wonder…

  • How do we avoid the scary divorce & break-up statistics?
  • What do I do to make it last without becoming boring?
  • What if I’ve never seen healthy relationships in my family as examples to follow?
  • What makes Black Love so challenging?

Those are all great questions, and that’s why we created Better Black Love Bootcamp!


To lead you through the process of enhancing your relationship in our 5 Day Challenge! And there’s never been a better time to do this…because, people are at home more now than ever.


Being under the same roof in Quarantine caused a 30% spike in divorce rates in 2020 and 2021 is shaping up to be even higher!


But you don’t have to worry about that...


Because you’ll have the secret weapon with us and our band of experts!

We’re here to lead you through the process of making sure you have all the skills, tips, trips and expert advice on SUSTAINABLE wildly healthy and fun relationships!


The truth is, whether you're single OR you’ve been in your relationship for 10 days or 10 years, we can all make our relationships easier, more enjoyable, and more fun!


This five day bootcamp will help you get laser focused on 5 connection opportunity zones with your partner and reveal the tactics to successfully thrive without having to leave your home!

“People need to see that healthy, successful & enjoyable Black love is attainable and sustainable.


Lakila & Eric are examples of that!”

Illia & Hamisi Jackson - Married & Dope AF

In This Five Day Bootcamp, We Help People Become More Connected as Individuals and as a Unit!


During this Bootcamp; Discover how to become a better version of yourself and a better partner for your future or existing relationship(s)!


Setting you up to change the trajectory of you and your family’s life, all from tapping into the internal dopeness that already exist within YOU!

(And with a Tribe of other Black singles & Couples who are doing the same!)


Everything we learned about relationships growing up was pretty broken and we’re sharing the Truth During This Special Bootcamp!




Total Value: $3988


Join Today For Only $55

Here’s a Preview…


#1. Get ready to get your mind right with Lakila’s “Mindful Relationship Development” techniques


Learn Lakila’s rapid manifestation techniques and how to use intentionality to solidify alignment as you collectively blaze through your relationship goals!


We’ve used these techniques to manifest a relationship and passion centered business that we love, while maintaining extraordinary affection & intimacy!


 #2. Discover what it takes to cultivate rock solid communication & unshakeable trust!


Discover techniques directly from Eric & Lakila and a renown Relationship Therapist!


#3. Participants get the tea on prioritizing getting busy even when you’re busy!


Learn the secrets for keeping your relationship sexy and intimacy on point as we bring in a Sex & Intimacy Expert!


#4. Want to learn how to build a financial legacy together?


Discover strategies straight from the folks that are doing it with a couple who has the financial game on lock!


#5. Get the exact model we us to keep our relationship fulfilling AF!


Learn and utilize our D.O.P.E. Model for keeping your relationship LIT…regardless of whether life is grand or in complete chaos like…uhm, the Pandemic!

When you join us in the 5-Day 

Better Black Love Bootcamp you’ll get:


  • 5 Days of LIVE TRAININGS (1-hour sessions) Starting March 7th with Relationship and Personal Development Experts Eric & Lakila Bowden … and special guests! Where you’ll discover how to enhance your partnership… and experience wildly healthy & fun relationships using guidance! [VALUE: $500+]
  • Access To Our Private Community Where You’ll Meet Other Dope Singles & Couples All on a Mission to Excel in Love…We’ll Help Get You Really Energized and Rejuvenated in Your Relationship… It’ll Be Like a Party From Your Living Room [VALUE: PRICELESS]
  • The D.O.P.E. Model Guide PDF to Help You With Mindset and the Skills You Need To Make Your Relationship UNSHAKABLEAND…The Dope Convos Kit: Crucial Convos & Effective Communication, So You Can Become Your Partner’s “Love Language Whisperer” And Avoid Destructive Conversation Habits. [VALUE $197]
  • ​Plus: ​A Special Bonus Call With A Top Integrative Wellness Expert To Help You Overcome Challenges In Incorporating Physical And Nutritional Wellness That Suits Both You And Your Partner. We’ll Help You Remove Limiting Beliefs Once And For All, So Your Relationship Can Shine Brilliantly... And At The Same Time Give Others Permission To Do The Same! [VALUE $500]




Celebrated Relationship and Personal Development Experts, Eric & Lakila Bowden are co-founders of the increasingly popular, relationship performance coaching firm, Dope People Who, which helps Black singles and couples amplify their dopeness so they can experience wildly healthy and dope AF relationships!


Dubbed “The Black Love Ambassadors” and “Dope Love Coaches”, this dynamic duo is living an extraordinarily dope love affair and are on a mission to empower of 1,000,000 other wildly fulfilling and fun Black Love relationships!


Having worked with some of America’s largest and most celebrated companies such as General Electric and The Home Depot, they bring over 25+ years of experience in Professional Performance Management and People Development to the personal relationship space.


Eric and Lakila have been featured in Authority Magazine and Lakila’s been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine. As a couple, they are regular podcast guests speaking on a variety of topics including mindful relationship development, radical truth in communication, and intentional self-love as a critical part of wellness.


When it comes to coaching, they aren’t new to this, they are true to this!




Total Value: $3988


Join Today For Only $55


“The Bowden’s intelligence, delivery, compassion and dedication all make for an exemplary coach!”

Raymond P. - In a Relationship & Dope AF

“The Bowden’s love for each other is Authentic and Original. Their playbook for marriage gives off the energy of great companionship, genuine love, respect, fun and a yearning for each other, this is the utmost inspiration for Black Love!”

Charmetria J. - Married & Dope AF

Time sensitive: This 5-day live and highly interactive bootcamp will help you laser-target specific areas that will immediately enhance your relationship with a community of other positive, energetic, likeminded couples.


As the old saying goes, “Wanna go fast, go alone. Wanna go far, go together”!


  • Founders of Dope People Who

  • The "Black Love Ambassadors"

  • The Dope Love Coaches

  • Relationship & Personal Development Experts

  • Wildly Healthy & Fun Marriage Champions

  • Serial Entrepreneurs

  • Leaders of the 1 Million Healthy & Fun Black Love Movement

Before you make your decision, we have to say this:


If 2020 showed us nothing, it showed us that the time to live our best life is NOW!


And because of that, you need to STOP WAITING:


…to find the time to build unshakeable self-love


…for things to just miraculously improve


…for the kids to grow up and move out so you can experience more fun and a deeper connection with each other


…for work to “slow down” so you can focus on family




Now, if healthy and fun AF relationships THAT LAST, isn’t really your thing?


Click out Now and by all means do whatever else brings you joy. But…


If you have a desire to really fortify the longevity of your union and make it the best version that you both can show up to and ROCK OUT IN!


Then say “Heck Yeah” to you, your lover, and to the beauty of Black Love that the world needs to know exist and take this opportunity to spend 5 AMAZING DAYS locking in a lifetime of BREAKTHROUGHS!


Love, Light, & Dopeness,


Eric & Lakila

Total Value: $3988

Join Today For Only $55


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What's the daily schedule for the Bootcamp?

How long are the sessions each day?

What happens if I miss one of the trainings?

Are the lessons and training "pre-recorded" or are they taught LIVE?

So, who are Eric and Lakila again?

Will this benefit me and my partner, if we’ve never experienced a healthy and fun relationship or never seen a relationship that didn’t struggle?

My relationship is already the, is this going to be useful for us?

I don't really use Facebook, can I still participate?

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Who is this Bootcamp NOT for?

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I really wanna do this Bootcamp, but my partner can't participate. Is that OK?

When does it officially start?

I really want to do this, BUT...I'm really busy right now! Should I join?

Come thru and rock with us anyway! All of the LIVE sessions will be recorded and sent out in replays PLUS these trainings and skills are designed be utilized and revisited over and over again. You can get this good-good info and dive even deeper into it when you have more time to dedicate.

Total Value: $3988

Join Today For Only $55

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